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Why is there no sprite sub-forum(introducing psychedelic VJ board)

I've have searched extensively and have found little on sprites despite the awesome capability available. Maybe I have not searched hard enough(restricted to youtube) but i have seen nothing remarkable done with Sprites. It'd be cool to see a sprite/text .ini files along with textures and font packs. I'd like to attach some files but I need to clean them up for everyone to use. As of right now i took a Ridiculous children's keyboard with the keys stacked instead of spaced like a typical home-row QWERTY. So my hotkeys will be slightly misplaced next to a typical qwerty layout.

so you have an idea of what i am working on right now.

It was done until the keyboard broke, then i tried to get a new one, but they sold the design and i had to track it down. Anyway, this is what it should look like when i finally get the new one: Please excuse the rough rough draft. I find what i call the Psychedelic VJ keyboard to be a little more intuitive because the colored blocks let you know what you are pressing( though a print out of what was on each set of blocks might help you create a more fluid experience, unless you have the memory of a champion). Anyway, I'd love to set like 50 images to 1 thru 0 on the keyboard to ctrl, alt, shift and combos of those so other people can more easily try. Although it is pretty easy to pick up in the Auto hot key language, well, at least the simple stuff we are doing = ).

Something i cant manage to get around( i don't get to much time to myself on a computer for the past two years) is how to get the .TIF files to work with Milkdrop. They always appear rasterized or pixely. Leaving white pixels where the alpha transprency should be. ( i just use jpegs) My apologies if i am not using any of these terms right, i am fairly new to this still.

Anyway, to the fun stuff. He are just some videos of what the sprites look like with shaders if no one has tested them. I am suprised i don't see more(any) sprite n text(lyric) videos. There are floods of milkdrop vids on youtube. Keep in mind i dont have both hands for these videos cause they are taken from my cell phone. So one hand using my keyboard, stuff is way off sync. text n beat sprite Mugshot sprites

I'd highly suggest investing in a keyboard, and arranging the keys to how you feel comfortable. Maybe painting them with your girlfriends nail polish or your companies white out and highlighters. It is incredibly gratifying to blast sprites into shaders while doing it to the beat of your favorite song. If everyone gets on board with sprites we can have crazy motion packs instead of my quick-still image sprites. Check out this last video for an idea.

Most the images are still but there is one that spins out of control on/off the screen. This would look even crazier if i could get the transparency on the sprites to function right. Also, the last video i show cased a few presets. I have many more. Some look amazing in low frames like 25-40 fps. I will post more videos if yall are interested as well my blank vj presets ive edited as soon as i get the chance to clean em up and make a hotkey script usable by everyone.

Sorry if none of my links are CLickable =(
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