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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
a single "sent to" file fails as well.
Never understand why you do the huge replies.... a quick summarised reply is clearer to read. I am not trying to challenge you. This is a community working together.

Yes, a single Sent To fails. As I noted above a few times. But clearly didn't make that clear enough. Sorry for my dodgy English.

It is the Send To dialog that the fail appears through. If that is a list of one, or a list of 39, it fails at the same point. Just before "Done" should be appearing on the screen. And as noted by DrNo this is visible at the point it gets lost in the call stack. I assume as the Gracenote library returns from the call, it falls over. But this will be still out of sight of the Winamp guys at that point. So still in that grey area of - is it a bad function or bad data passed in?

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
i did everything i could think of on one track, Dean Martin. renamed it, vbrfix, removed all tags, etc... everything crashes winamp when doing a send to, but alt+3 works fine as u discovered.
Cool. The whole baseball bat of the toolkits you have. Mad isn't it? What is "special" here? Very odd. I have put sooooo many track through the Winamp Auto-tagger over the years, and yet this little set has something in common that Winamp don't like. This is why I would be surprised if it was the Winamp code itself. It is something special that these tracks are triggering.

When I did my tests this morning the main thing I did was to let Winamp retag the file. And this action alone I would have expected the whole Tag part of the file to get re-written. And if you have removed the tags then you have taken that further. Yet still the puzzle is left in the actual MP3.
Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
thats why i'm looking more at the file properties, and encoder properties. i'm thinking aminifu might be best at that with his mp3diags tools.
I am suspicious of the files. If they come form P2P then there can be gaps in there. Or the file can just be missing bits. I don't know how an MP3 is encoded, but if there are data fields for lengths of the actual music track, maybe the music track is actually of the wrong length?

I am aware that Gracenote has an algorithm that also involves "listening" to the track to identify it. So I guess that something about an attempt to "Listen" to these tracks is providing bad data to their function.

Still bonkers though
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