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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
@MrS: Yes, it is an interesting puzzle that a single one of these MP3 files sent via ALT+3 works. Yet a list of tracks fails. As we don't know how the library works this could be a simple difference of how a list of tracks are passed to the library.

Libraries I've worked with past could work in different ways when it came to multiple files. Sometimes they would want a linked list. Othertimes an array. Othertimes wanting the data packed into a buffer.

What is most interesting to me is watching the crash on a long list of tracks. When you load ALL those tracks up and pump them at Send To -> AutoTag you see then all resolve and get to the "Queried" stage and the crash seems to happen once the last track is at the "Queried" state. i.e. they all seem to finished the main part of the lookup ("Analyzing") and then fail as the last one returns on that list. Yet none of them reach the final "Done" state.

Yet this crash only happens on these tracks. Anything else will still lookup fine.

MrS - have you downloaded these tracks to have a look? I know you are a bit of a Whizz with MP3Val and stuff like that. Maybe you can spot something funky that shouldn't be in there? They are all of a horrendously compressed quality. Different rippers, different qualities, different types of rip, with and without embedded artwork (just compared a few with Media Info)

My guess is these are from P2P and may now always have "completed". So could have all kinds of cruddy quality issues in there. Some of the P2P networks have horrendous crud on them as I assume this is where these come from.
Battered Pudding, I have noted that the crash occurs during the "Processing" phase, not "Queried". If you find the last mp3 that showed "Processing", it will, 100% of the time, be one of the mp3s that fail to auto tag. According to my testing log, I performed 1,819 Auto Tags and only a single one crashed without the word "Processing" showing up. I equate that anomaly to the possibility that the user interface did not have time to display the word before it froze.
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