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i've merged all of the essentially duplicate questions into the same thread just so all of the similar questions are in one place.

as the questions don't reference the format of the stream (as that has a big effect on playback support), there is not going to be a fully definitive answer and with Android fragmentation and a complete inconsistency between all of the mobile platforms which keeps shifting, i don't want to go truly specific on my answer anyway.

in general getting anything streaming audio to work on Android is a pain due to the complete spread of audio codec support over the different Android devices - like there are loads which will do MP3 but will not do AAC+ or can be made to AAC+ but requires doing it all as software decoding instead of using hardware decoders.

clearly people have worked around those issues as there are Android apps which can playback SHOUTcast streams (like the Winamp for Android app) but as said above, it generally requires more coding to be able to cope with all types or you just limit to MP3 and then that should generally be able to work without issue (subject to app and device incompatibilities).

but overall, this is not down to SHOUTcast and is just the effect of how Android as an ecosystem is best deemed as a mess with what is / isn't provided or available.

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