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K got a ?? (Shoutcast DSP & Shoutcast DNAS) to stream HELP & CONFUSED!! lol

K, I notice that shoutcast has updated dramatically lol.

To set up a shoutcast server, do I have to buy a authkeyserial to make my stat public?? If not, does anyone have the original dsp/DNAS for shoutcast. Why buy a key serial for something that was & still is free. Can anyone help & explain to me please .

What do I need to setup a shoutcast server?

What I remember what is needed to set up a shoutcast server & to stream online, is:
1. Winamp
2. Shoutcast DSP
3. Shoutcast DNAS

I have winamp already but what about the other two, heck I am confused durn it lol.

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