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the parts needed are still the same. the only difference is an authhash which is _free_ if using a v2 DNAS which is reiterated as being _free_ in the help wiki and dice provided with the DNAS.

the authhash is there to help act as a fixed point of reference so your listing (if being listed - if not then its not needed) so the stationid and any clustering is going to be reliable - which is to fix the issues which the v1 system has with those matters.

the only payment is if you were using sc_trans for MP3 encoding which requires an unlock code due to MP3 licensing requirements. that is completely different to an authhash and despite everything in the docs, etc this false view that an authhash is not free keeps coming up and I'd love to know where people keep finding / being told that is the case when it is absolutely not.

as long as you setup the DNAS correctly e.g. all required port forwarding and get the source dsp connected to it, making the authhash is simple to do (as per the docs) and then its like before.
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