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you'll be better off waiting for the v2.2 update and it's setup mode - that will give you a v1 like experience whilst helping automate most of what's needed to make an authhash (later tonight / tomorrow morning depending on final compiles and when i need sleep).

an example is just sc_serv_simple.conf with a streamauthhash=xxx line (which is what is shown in that file) and using that example will cause issues due to a bug in the current build of the DNAS where it'll incorrectly treat that line as a valid authhash when it isn't (which might even be what you're experiencing).

you didn't mention sc_trans in the original post so i have no idea what / how / if you're using it. everything which could be done with a v1-based setup can be done with all of the current Winamp (v5.65), Source DSP (v2.3.3) and DNAS releases (the pending v2.2).

the v1 DNAS is not officially provided and is not supported. if that's what you want to use then you would be on your own (that sounds harsh but it's a 5+yr old code base that hasn't been touched with the v2 DNAS intended as it's successor [despite the issues v2.0 has which v2.2 should resolve]).
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