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Originally Posted by xhilaration View Post
K I'll wait for Shoutcast DNAS v2.2 to come out (will you mske a sticky for that version update?)
yes - it'll be a forum exclusive to start with.
Originally Posted by xhilaration View Post
I keep seeing sc_trans & have buy a key & was lke WTH lol.
welcome to the fun of MP3 licensing (and technically AAC should be paid for as well but that's currently paid by AOL for you so you get something for free) as it's just MP3 encoding which has to be paid for separately, hence the small fee.

Originally Posted by xhilaration View Post
Is the dnas server easier to understand? ie; was it made easier to edit the 3 parts, easier to read then the old dnas lol!

The old dnas was hard to understand & it was hard to find he parts that needed to be updated. It looked cluttered.

What I'm saying is, did ya guys clean up the dnas in v2 & will it be cleaned & organized in the dnas v2.2??
i don't know how to answer that as i don't know what you specifically find hard about parts of it. the actions on the pages of the DNAS are generally the same like a v1 DNAS with some additions so i don't know what to say. until you try it then that is going to be the only way to know (though based on those questions, you'll probably have v2 if you didn't like v1).
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