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I've tried using both a normal-size and an over-sized banner bmp (2x) using the modern_headerbmp.exe UI, but unlike mgrand I'm not seeing it scale properly at HiDPI (ie. at 200% I would have expected to work with the 2x sized banner). It appears to maintain the exact pixel counts regardless of scale or the image being used, instead of percentage coverage, as if the size was pixel-fixed (possibly in the modern_headerbmp.exe resource?). I used ResourceHacker to check the control sizes in the exe, but I couldn't determine which control affects the banner (a full-width banner, unlike 1046 which appears to be a 100x35 image).

ManifestDPIAware and ManifestSupportedOS have been set (true and all, respectively), which fixes the text scaling, but not the image. I've tried all the different settings with MUI_HEADERIMAGE_BITMAP_STRETCH to no avail. I've also attempted to use SetBrandingImage (as per, along with using AddBrandingImage before calling SetBrandingImage to see if that changes the behaviour when using the oversized image, but I'm getting "no branding image found in chosen UI!" and I'm not sure that's the right way of solving this issue.

Any ideas?
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