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Guy Betten
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New member asking for input/assistance

I am helping a non-profit group with their community radio station (licensed) Hope to be broadcasting over the air within 3-45 days.
I have the website completed and would like to get the shoutcast/winamp configured and I truly don't understand how this works. Here is what i am trying to accomplish.
I have a hosing plan here, as it gives me the ability to "host" my own audio stream.

I have a couple of questions please.
1. Can the shoutcast/winamp be installed on my hosts server? They say yes, but wont assist, since it is 3rd party software. The reasoning for the request is because there seems to be a port access issue from my home (shared internet from main house) there is a wireless router and the internet provider's router. Also, the main house is a gaming household and the wireless stream is not the greatest, i do plan on getting my computer hard wired this week.
2. I am using ZARA Studio's Automation (V 1.4) as i have read that 1.6 may create problem for DSP plugin?

Any input or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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