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right click mouse on PLAY button,select "DIRECTORY" (OR:right click on front of winamp, select PLAY>DIRECTORY) & choose your directory. OR: DRAG & DROP songs into WINAMP'S PLAYLIST.(or use OPENFILES on "playbar") !SAVE YOUR PLAYLISTS! cause winamp remembers which directory there in(you can have a playlist play a mix from MULTIPLE Directories!)(you can also change your current playlist & save it for different order,etc.)
Q2: use mouse in playlist window to "DRAG" songs up & down to change order.use REM (bottom of playlist) to remove song that is BLUE HIGHLIGHTED, use ADD button(playlist) to add songfrom a directory.(or drag n drop from Explorer,Filemanager, etc.)(!SAVE PLAYLISTS!,then you wont have to do it again!,& you can make custom playlists from the first one,use SAVE at bottom of playlist). This only edits CURRENT PLAYLIST, WINAMP'S NOT GONNA ERASE YOUR SONGS!!!
Q3:USE BACK/NEXT buttons on "PLAYBAR"(buttons from left to right on front of WINAMP= back/play/pause/stop/next/OPENFILES/shuffle/repeat)to go back or forward one song, OR Doble click on ANY song in playlist to "JUMP" to other songs. WINAMP SHOULD play the whole list after you start playing 1st song,if it doesn't theres an option cause mine does. (Write back if u cant find it, or try REPEAT(on playbar, beside shuffle button)& the whole list will keep repeating)
ALSO:SHUFFLE= random play of playlist
P.S. let me know if u can find out what "Recurse Subdirectories" means(right click on front of WNAMP>PLAY>DIRECTORY when u go this way,there's a check box)(mine was on when I got it, & I'm not touchin' it until I know. RECURSE. I'm off to get a Dictionary....

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