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yes, i'd deffinitely like to see some statistics being stored in the ML too - all the extra data that is required is a play count, last date played and date added to library.

with a few additions to the ML query script this would allow lots of interesting results, eg:

New Music (could display everything added to the ML in the last 2 months)
Recently Listened To (everything played in the last week)
Never Played (tracks where the playcount is 0)
Top 25 Tracks (obviously just going on playcount)
Top 25 Tracks by an Artist (same as above but only if the artist field equals that specified)
Top 25 Albums/Artists (add up all the playcounts for each track on an album / by an artist then divides by the number of tracks and orders by this average figure)

these are just a few examples of how having that little bit of extra data could add quite a lot of functionality. of course you could also combine this with a rating for each track for even more possibilities.

anyway i hope this can get added some time, it's really the only major thing that other programs can do but winamp can't right now.
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