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Bingo! -- problem solved. Your first suspicion of "O23 - Service: Lsdiorw" was correct. You are truly a 'Guru'.

I removed it first (by going to the uninstaller in C:\Program Files\LS_Duhem\) and now WinAmp is functional again.

I remember trying to read a Mac disk over 2 years ago, and purchasing MacDisk. Since then their "service" has been disabling my CD drivers -- strange I haven't seen other problems (until now).

Now to go get all the other 'cruft' such as OpenSite, ezShieldProtector, tgcmd, and ... amazing what builds up over several years.

In answer to to your other questions (point is moot since the problem is solved):

No extra 3rd-party plugins were installed (I had just done a 'clean install' by removing,deleting,rebooting,re-installing WinAmp).

CD-Ripping speed is 8x. The "use sonic engine" is checked. Strange: since the (Prefs -> Plugins -> Input -> in_cdda -> config) "Use Sonic engine when possible" is unchecked since I followed the instructions at the other thread.

The destination folder is:
Naming convention:
<Artist> - <Album>\## - <Artist> - <Title>

And thank you for your help!

I am now a "happy camper" once again.

-- FritzKatz
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