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For problem a, you will have to rip the track off cd first with another program. I recommend Exact Audio Copy but it can be any program of your liking. I also recommend to rip it to a .wav file instead of compressing it to mp3 or some other lossy type.
When you have the ripped .wav file, load it into Audacity. You will see the blue waveform now. Select the part you want to apply the speed/pitch corrections on, just like you would select text on a webpage, by dragging your mouse over the waveform. If you want to apply it to the whole file, you can also use ctrl+a. After that, go to the Effect menu in the taskbar and select the effect for speed/pitch changing. I've never changed the pitch/speed of a track before, so the final part of setting how much the changes will be etc. have to be done by you.
When you're finished, choose "Export as WAV" from the "File" menu and save the corrected file. You can now burn that file with Winamp or another burning program.

When you only want to edit a part of a file, just select the part you want to change and change it. After that you can choose "Export selection as WAV". That way you will only have the edited part as a .wav file that you can burn now.

You can combine these methods to perform task b. Just take care of the whole file with the effects you need and export the different parts by selecting them and choosing export selection as wav.
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