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This problem surfaced again - and I got around it -

"CD Drive Currently in use". <OK>
Followed by:
"Error ripping track #n: Can't open decoder. Aborting" <OK>

I haven't proven it yet as I haven't had the time to fiddle ..........but
I got over/around the problem by re-associating .mp3 with winamp.

How did I do this...well I am using a piece of software call Total Commander ( and it has a tool to force associations. So I used its tool and lo and behold I am back in business with Winamp. There are other ways of doing this of course.

I am guessing (yet to be proven) that I started Real Player inadvertently,it switched the .mp3 association and Winamp objected. It might be more complicated than that but I was happy to be back ripping my CD's again to look further.
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