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Winamp and External Audio Sources

Let's more or less cut straight to the chase. Milkdrop is sexy to watch. Unfortunately, it only works with audio inside of Winamp. What I'd like to do is have Winamp listen in on other audio sources. Like, say, my Pandora stream, and in so doing, allow me to use Milkdrop to visualize it.

I've looked over the Line-In article in the Greatest Hits forum. I think it's largely useless because it's completely outdated, missing images, and not once have I ever managed to make it work. I'm also 99% sure that's not what I want ANYWAY, seeing as how nothing is coming through my Line-In.

So that said... I know Winamp has the ability to at least listen to my Line-In. Can it listen to anything else? Pandora was just an example, ideally I'd like to be able to have Milkdrop visualize every piece of audio my computer outputs.
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