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Scanning SD card never completes

I've been suing winamp for Android in my previous ROM of Android 2.3.3 and it was working fine, but in my new ROM of 2.3.4 when I load winamp and open my albums it shows a "Scannig SD card..." dialog that ever finishes.
The task actually does something since it utilizes CPU, but no matter how long i wait, it never finishes.
I also tried the following:
1. Removing the external SD card
2. Removing all my MP3s from the SD card including the internal one
3. Clear winamp data through Applications
4. Uninstall and install winamp
But still same results.

I have Samsung Galaxy S using a custom 2.3.4 ROM by PilotX.

Winamp is the best audio player out there for Android, so if anyone knows how to work around this please let me know...
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