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wav files don't have a truely standard tagging format - yes somethings can be put in a RIFF header but even that's not standardised from my understanding when this came up a few years back (and i don't think much has changed since then).

there are different approaches with some having better adoption than others, but then you get things like slapping an ID3 tag (as used on MP3 files) on the wav file (which sounds like that might be the case with your file if you've able to have coverart). however that isn't ideal doing that or using APEv2 tags (as is an alternative i've heard being used on these files).

whatever the case, it would be a feature request though it would be a very bastardised request if what you have is wav + ID3 (or something like that) as it's cobbling two unrelated things together as a way to workaround what was never intended. as such i'll shift this to the wishlist forum (though that never guarantees anything ever happening).

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