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Posting here because and there is no good solution anywhere and it seems to be a common inquiry. Hoping this will help others.

Using audio sources other than Winamp for Milkdrop

The common solution is to use linein:// as the location for winamp take sound from. This solution only works if you are using an external device for audio, like a microphone or MP3 player, connected to your Line-in jack. However, since this isn't the case the solution is missing a key part. Most sound cards will support a recording option called "Stereo Mix" or something similar. This uses all the sounds going through the soundcard as input. Setting this as the active input device and disabling the other devices will effectively send all sound being played on the computer to Line-in.

On Windows 7 this can be accomplished by opening the Recording Devices panel.

Then rightclick in the whitespace and select "show disabled devices" if you don't see it. Enable the device and set it to the default device and disable the other devices.

Now all your sound should be mapped to linein:// which you can open in WinAmp by pressing Ctrl+L or File>Open>URL

Hope this helped someone.

For other configurations, including other versions of Windows and other Sound cards, it will be the same idea but the steps you take to include the "Stereo Mix" as your recording device will be different. Just google "Enable stereo mix yourdevicehere.

For this case it may not have worked if pheonix could not see disabled devices. Make sure to right click and select View Disabled Devices in the recording devices panel.
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