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You could record the stereo mix as a wav file and then play it back thru Winamp and apply the DSP enhancements.

Otherwise you need 2 sound cards and a cable to connect the stereo line out port of one to the stereo line in port on the other (i.e. play the stereo mix out with 1 that's fed into Winamp which plays out thru the other).

One card would be set up as the system default (with the Windows sound utility in the control panel) and used by the other media player to output the music thru it's line out port. Winamp must be set up to use the other card (with the device selection option in the DirectSound output plug-in's configuration options) and then configured to use it's line in port (with this card's output connected to speakers or headphones).

Sounds like a lot of unnecessary trouble to me. Why not just use Winamp to play the original music (Winamp plays streams from the internet as well as local files)?

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