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*ahem* Well intentional mistake.... that I forgot.... a key item.
It still requires routing an output to a mic or linein, so an audio cable is needed.

True, my Realtek chip is on my MoBo, but I could buy the same chip on a card.
Not all chips are on cards, but all sound cards have a sound chip.
I would argue that fitting the chip to the motherboard or a daughterboard does not change what it is, or what it does.

Technically speaking all surround-sound chips are capable of this, as they already split the audio into 2 or more pairs.
It just takes someone to think of the idea and adding it to the driver, or the playback software to be capable of handling multiple inputs.

Depending on specification, there is the possibility that the soundcard/chip will support ASIO, so re-routing can all be done in software, but I don't know of a plugin for WMP, and I don't think the visualiser works in Winamp with it anyway.

Sorry, I forgot that site is in Russian, my translator plugin for Opera translates the whole page as I arrive, so all the net is in English for me....Often poorly written English, but then again most of the UK "cnt spel anywayz coz iz all 2 borin innit bruv."
I found the authors Deviant art page. They have the English info there

An alternative

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