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Originally Posted by Dr.Flay View Post
I would argue that fitting the chip to the motherboard or a daughterboard does not change what it is, or what it does.
That is true in some cases. I don't have a high end mobo, so the Realtek chip it uses is not mounted on a daughterboard. The mobo's sound contains a fair amount of noise. I don't know if it's the version of the chip or the layout of the mobo that's causing it. I use an old Creative soundcard instead which provides a very clear sound. I know Creative's reputation has dropped quite a bit, but my Audigy Platinum 5.1 still works fine (with DK's modified drivers).

Many mobo vendors use Realtek sound chips. Is it because of their quality or their cost? The frequency of Realtek sound driver updates makes me wonder what's really going on, since they never provide any details about what the changes are. Bug fixes, new features, or both? I keep up with the updates for my apps and drivers, but I don't like to update just for the sake of updating.

Originally Posted by Dr.Flay View Post
Sorry, I forgot that site is in Russian, my translator plugin for Opera translates the whole page as I arrive, so all the net is in English for me....Often poorly written English, but then again most of the UK "cnt spel anywayz coz iz all 2 borin innit bruv."
NP, I have the same issues when trying to translate a webpage. Thanx for the links to the other sites. I mostly use Pale Moon and have Firefox and IE installed for those rare sites that don't work well with Pale Moon. Also because Winamp uses the IE engine when displaying web content.

Anyway, I hope Radiofreak1041 returns and lets us know how he's getting on.

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