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Shoutcast 2.4.7 Crashing at 330 connections

We run an online radio station using shoutcast (linux) 2.4.7. For the last 7 months we have been knocked off-air everytime our concurrent listener count hit 335 connections (nearly every day). EVERY TIME. This is obviously anathema to our radio business and we are desperate for a solution. After perusing these forums we discovered that the v2.x of the 32 and 64 bit editions had a bug that made this happen.

Our temporary fix was to revert to SC 1.9.8 currently running our stream here:
SPECS: 22.050 khz, Stereo, mp3

I can look at the shoutcast listener numbers and see that many SC streams top the 335 listener number so my question is are they all using a 1.9.8x version or has someone discovered a fix for v 2.4.x DNAS?

I'd say this is urgent but everyone says that so let me say, this is EXISTENTIAL.

Your help/tips/suggestions/prayers/ are appreciated.

All best,

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