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Since i installed 5.10, the beat visualization sometimes goes, what it looks like, out of sync and displays something that doesn't match what's playing. I've tried to figure out what it does, but with no success. It could be that it reacts on the "wrong" frequencies or that it displays the beats before or after they are played, but sometimes it's so erratic that it's impossible to tell if it even visualizes the same song that's currently playing. The spectral analyzer always shows a somewhat correct frequency analysis, even when the beat visualization acts up. A suspicion is that the right and left channel are merged in a different way, and if there are effects like phase shifting, echoes and the like, it doesn't add up to what's actually heard. Could, alterntively, have something to do with the updated .dll's. Might be something unique to my computer as i haven't tried it on other ones yet. I've tried a "clean install".

Regardless of this, and eye-candy or not, it would also be very nice if the beat visualization could visualize the right and left channels correctly, and not combined (to mono) in the way it does now.
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