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Winamp play order mess

I rip all of my CD's to WAV format using the following naming convention:
<Artist>\<Album>\<Artist> - <Album> - ## - <Title>.

eg:G:\Music - Wave Format\Triumph\Thunder Seven\Triumph - Thunder Seven - 10 - Little Boy Blues [Instrumental].wav

ML will sort EXCLUSIVELY by track title and ignore the track order, even though an actual file name sort would be correct. Generating a playlist will correctly sort the album tracks but is very time consuming and cumbersome. M3u playlists are being generated during ripping, but ML doesn't seem to actually use this information.

Since I always use a copy of my CD when I listen in my car (I've had CD's stolen before), I consistently end up with out of order tracks. I was hoping the latest update would fix this "feature", but the problem persists.
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