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what source software are you trying to use?
what operating system are you trying to run this all on?
have you attempted to read any of the documentation?
have you attempted to use any of the example configuration files e.g. sc_serv_simple.conf?

as all i'm getting from your posts is basically wanting someone to just wave a wand and it all be setup. and yes the setup process at the moment is shite and that's my fault from over estimating the level of people who would try to setup a SHOUTcast system on their own. but SHOUTcast has never been a simple click and go setup (though admittedly for people used to the Windows v1 DNAS then it is 'lacking' but that will be improved when i get a chance to work on those things again inorder to get a newer release out).

so yes things aren't ideal but just saying things don't work or help doesn't make it easy for people to gauge at what stage you've managed to get to and then aid you from there. and knowing the number of v2 DNAS in use as i do, if it was that dire then there wouldn't be the number being used that there is.

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