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Convert 24 bit wav to 24 bit flac

Hello. I've been searching around the web and the forums and can't find an answer. Hopefully someone can help.

I record band practices in Reaper at 24 bit and later covert the huge wav files to flac for archival purposes. I was using winamp to batch covert the files. This works fine, but I just realized that it is turning 24 bit wav into 16 bit flac. I would like to preserve the bit depth.

How can I make Winamp convert my 24 bit wav to 24 bit flac? I can do this with mediamonkey, but the interface is horrid.

Edit: I found a way to do what I need directly in Reaper. It would still be nice if Winamp preserved the bit depth in the conversion. Possibly with an option to enable to dither and resample down to 16.

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