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Stand-by/hibernate PC after track

I have a playlist full of very long (~ 15 minutes to 1 hour) sound tracks, composed of audio books, documentaries, educational stuff, etc. I enjoy listening to them while doing housework and going to sleep at nights. Is it possible to simply make Winamp stand-by (or hibernate) my laptop after finishing playing a track? Is there any plug-in for this?

I read another forum question about this. A method was described in there, but it wasn't very practical for my case; it would be tedious to repeat the same process for every track. I need a simpler solution, like a small button on the GUI, or a check-box in a context menu item.

Normally, I listen to several of them at once. So, I don't prefer a fixed option to always stand-by after every track. It must stand-by after the current track only if I want it to do so.
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