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Can't Listen to My Own Radio!

So, I am running Shoutcast 2 on a server in my office. On the same network, I try to listen to from my personal laptop and I just get connection errors. I also can't look at the administrator settings from my personal laptop, but can do that on the server computer. So, my question is what I need to do to hear my radio on my network, which is the same connection as the server network. Listening on the phone app isn't the ideal way I was going for. :P


Server Computer Info:
Windows 7 32-Bit
Sam 4 Broadcasting Software
Shoutcast 2.0.11 Server

PS: What is the best way to stream directly on my website? I am not a pro coder and I just want a basic player that gives volume controls and shows current song.

Here is the station:
Click "FHS Radio"
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