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Hi Aminifu,

By default settings, the Winamp playback option was ticked.
Now that I get back to the volume control option in the DirectSound output plug-in, the volume remains the same if I tick or untick the option. And ticked or unticked, the player plays the 5.1 file and at high volume furthermore, so it seems I don't need to choose the Waveout output anymore to get the volume I was looking for (I'm playing the song with WMP besides to compare).
So it works, but that's weird.
Cause I'm not sure where did the change come from in the end since I haven't changed any settings to get the volume higher in DirectSound. I'd be surprised it'd come from a simple reboot of the computer

Thanks for your reply anyway, I'll post back later if I understand something out of it all. Thanks for the additional support file too, just downloaded it!
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