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Originally Posted by Right_On View Post
Thanks for your reply anyway, I'll post back later if I understand something out of it all. Thanks for the additional support file too, just downloaded it!
Sometimes the Windows volume mixer (which separately controls the max volume levels of apps and system sounds) gets changed mysteriously.

Also, have you have played any midi files? Doing so with the default midi input plug-in settings will reduce the playback volume of other file formats. If you have played, or intend to play, midi files; it is a good idea to set the volume control in "in_midi.dll" to "none" to avoid this issue.

It is also easy to change the Winamp volume by accident, if the mouse wheel is used when the focus is in certain Winamp windows. It is common practise to move the mouse without clicking. As with all Windows apps, sometimes the focus moves to where the pointer is currently pointing and sometimes it stays where the mouse was last clicked. There is a plug-in to disable mouse wheel control of Winamp's volume, if you just want to use the wheel for scrolling in Winamp.

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