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This is an interesting one. I just joined the forum because after sveeral years using Winamp on WinXp boxes, I am having big problems using Winamp to play mp3 files on a DVD on a Win 7 machine (I have observed a minor glitch on another Win 7 machine, maybe I'll get to that at some point). I just started browsing and I found this thread.

The main problem is Winamp will only ever play a few tracks before it hangs. When it does I have real trouble killing it. Last night I observed a new problem - a track finished playing, and instead of going on to the next one, Winamp's time counter just kept right on clocking up more time. The actual track is 6:03 IIRC; it got to twenty-something minutes before I got distracted enough to stop keeping tabs on it. When I eventually came back, it had hung.

Now the thing is, as I said, all the tracks I was trying to play were on a DVD - so no chance of headers getting scrambled.

I have tried setting it to run compatible with Win XP SP3 and it made no difference.

Before I registered here, I also hit the net a couple of weeks ago to find out how to stop Winamp asking me if it was OK to make changes to the hard disk every time it ran. I solved that problem and was hoping that might help, but it didn't help either.

Looking forward to finding out what the problem is!

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