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BUG? m4a ALAC playback is "weird" on some files

latest 5.7 beta, no 3rd party plugins, win7 64

ok, this is a weird one.

I am converting all my FLACs to m4a ALAC. now, some of the flacs are weird, b/c they were made from weird wavs years ago, in the sense that the sample rates, bit rates, etc are odd, low, whatever. but nevertheless they play just fine.

so I convert to ALAC and on playback winamp does some weird stuff.

first, some simply sound different, and its an obvious difference, not subjective, so that's weird.

second, the bitrate is freq reported wrong in the player window, (often too big to fit) and not even consistently in its incorrectness, also weird.

third, in spite of these weird things, the RG sets the values EXACTLY the same for each, which to me indicates that the files are identical, so why would they sound different? weird.

if the problem is the conversion, why would the RG be identical? is there an app that compares lossless files to see if they are identical?

I have attached a zip file so you can see for yourselves.

EDIT: I would also add that winamp's ALAC handling seems a bit "rough" in that it pauses longer when editing metadata on the playing song, takes longer to rate (playing or not), takes longer to do RG analysis to, etc.
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