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I don't have earbuds but I listened (in Safe Mode) with some old headphones as well as with the stereo system speakers.

For each example, each encoding sounds the same to me.

If there were (are?) drastic and obvious differences in the sound of the different encodings, our personal set-ups wouldn't matter much.
But we don't have identical hardware and software, not to mention brains and ears. That could explain our differing experience if there are only subtle differences in the files.
Or maybe I should schedule an appointment with an audiologist.

As for your original .flac files; I can't prove they are garbage. So I'm just relying on the circumstantial evidence mentioned in my first post.
The fact that they play in Winamp does not guarantee that they are not faulty.

I'm still using 5.64 because I'm annoyed that there are now 2 Winamps. For a while there seemed to be new builds every few days for each version.
Who could tell how long that would last?
I'll wait until 5.7 comes out of beta, when I hope and assume 5.65 (and/or 5.66, 5.67 etc.) will no longer be supported.

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