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Originally Posted by GregHoyl View Post
I couldn't find the folders you referred to
Originally Posted by GregHoyl View Post
I can't locate the files for Winamp and they don't show up under iTunes.
What are "the files for Winamp"?
If you mean the actual media files (MP3 or FLAC or M4A etc.) that are in your Winamp Library: it's difficult to help you. Only you know where you store your music.
If you mean Winamp's program files that define the Library: they can't be used directly by iTunes and are unhelpful.

What does "they don't show up under iTunes" mean?
What have you done to try and make that happen?

But I haven't suggested that you look for existing files or folders.
My suggestion in post #2 explains how you can create an XML file that may be imported into iTunes.
I don't use iTunes and therefore can't say that the XML file will be accepted by your version of iTunes.
Have you tried?
Have you tried MrSinatra's suggestion to scan the media files with iTunes?

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