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Originally posted by Dipso
Beta 2 seems to have some crashes and hangs releated to the media library and refreshing directories, i havent quite figgured out what happens, but if the bug occurs, winamp starts freezing at start and i have to delete the configs and data related to ML in order for it to work again.

Also beta2 seems to have broken media keyboard API support (yes, i have read the known bugs thing, but im talking about the microsoft _STANDARD_ for multimedia keyboards, witch most new keyboards use, and that _was_ working in beta1)
XP SP1, WA5 beta 2, oct 23, MS internet k/b pro with intellitype pro 5

i had same probs with the MM k/b API... but in a diff. way.. the MM keys worked ok with all ver. of winamp (well i didnt try WA3 but i did try with WA5B2) with the IT 2 software.. but when i upgraded to ver 5 of IT, WA5B2 stopped working with the MM keys but WA2 still worked... so im guessing that there was a change by MS between 2 and 5 of its IT drivers.. *shrug* im not sure
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