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found a small bug in the modern skin..
i use the xbox one and if i run the mouse over the prev., play, pause, stop, next, mute butons and back again some of the buttons dont highlight.. but it only happens in a certain order... from mute backwards as far as i can tell...

ok it doesnt always not highlight like that... i just run my mouse backwards and fowards and it does it sometimes

system specs..
GF FX 5200 with 52.16 drivers with 2 screens
SB live
Duron 1300
384megs of SD ram
DX 9.0b

Winamp 5 beta 2

i looked at the not bugs section and i see that MM k/bs arnt a bug.. i dont want to push the issue but im interested why my MM keys work in WA2 and not in WA5 (and im using a MS k/b and drivers which i thought were the "standard" for these things)

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