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virutal memory / RAM hogging during refresh

Windows XP Home SP1, P4 2.7, 786mb ram

Nice little bug i discovered today, which had previously not happened.

Turned on WA5, and it began its scanning of media folders for changes cycle. Instantly, page file jumped 900mb, and Winamp gobbled up 490mb of ram. At which point, XP reports it to have crashed, and kills the process for me

turned off cycle on start, and it stopped. did a background media scan using library button, and it did the same again.

Has occured about 6 times now when using WA5, does NOT occur using 2.91 using identical folders in its media library. Media library is about 300 hours of oggs/mp3s and has a few anime videos in it. Spread across 2 hard drives, non networked.

Has this happened to anyone else

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