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I asked the Steves this a while back, who knows maybe they'll answer yet. Right. I submitted a skin a while back that I spent days on. All skinnned, avs, windowshade, blah blah, with awesome equalizer etc. BUT, I used the volume and balance button from the original Winamp cause it went well with the pic I used. According to likely to get deleted if "3) A skin where you 'borrowed' components from a skin you didn't create." would it have been deleted (it never showed)? That was all I used from the original. If I do HAVE to change it, how much is minimum? I need a grey raised rectangle, how much room for change is there? Last question, how long does it take, on average, for a skin to be posted? (looking for some number of days, weeks, whatever) Yeah, this was long, but its the only one so far so.. thanks for reading it
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