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Originally posted by AgentVoodoo:
ok, i can't figure out where you hid it.
the damn thing used to be at the site, but it must'a just got up and walked away. i know, none of you did it. you would never do anything to upset me or leave me feeling unloved. just give me the files i need and it'll be like none of this ever happened. what? you know what files. don't be stupid. the experimental player that i've been using for so long and i don't even remember it's name. i could drag stuff around and change colors and and and all kinds of cool stuff. remember that time when i got drunk and i used the tecra as a snowboard..... i don't either, but now i don't have the tecra or the software that was on it. please help me replace it. (the software i mean, although i could use a new laptop) thanks

Check out the aO general purpose plug-in in the plug-in section of
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