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@ TakuSkan...

Yer welcome

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Firefox shouldn't have that problem UNLESS...
When was the last time you cleared the Firefox cache?

Clearing Cache on Mozilla Firefox 1.x

After you clear the cache, shut down and then reopen Firefox. There should no longer be any problem with skin (or any other) downloads in Firefox. If there is, you can post back but you really should have started a new thread on this, since it's not related to the current Shuffle Play Bug / JTFE thread. You may have been "ignored" because you posted this question in an unrelated thread.

Using the crappy IE browser with WinXP and SP2 has MAJOR download probs, but with Firefox it's probably just a simple matter of clearing the cache. In any event, still read through this post, where JonnyMac covers just about every download problem issue with both Classic and Modern skins.
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