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BUG? no gapless FLAC / ALAC playback in winamp?

my understanding is that both FLAC and ALAC support gapless playback, (which LAME does too).

winamp plays my newer LAME files back with gapless playback fine.

however, I just noticed it does NOT do so (using the newest beta) with my FLAC files.

they were made by me with EAC and FLAC 1.2.1

I tested with RG set to album RG.

(I should clarify that gapless works on LAME files made with newer LAME vers, some older LAME rips have the hesitation in them, similar to what I can also hear/see in the FLACs)

a quick look on google suggests that it may be the fault of the playback software/device.


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