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I have since loaded the FLACs into audacity and I do see a small amount of silent deadspace at the end of the file. this is very annoying, but i'm not comfortable trying to manually fix it. I also don't know how flac gapless works... mp3s with lame put something in the lame header, and m4a uses the pgap atom, but what does flac do?

I also worry that the gapless info might not make the leap from flac to alac, which would mean I need to rerip anyway.

regarding my FLAC line, it has actually been a long time since I ripped anything to flac. in fact, the beatle cds might be my only flac rips, i'm not sure. but that command line won't be very "modified" from the default. I took whatever EAC had and made small changes.

I am regrettably coming to the conclusion that I should make txt notes of my settings / profiles in EAC, then delete them and EAC, and wipe it away, and start fresh, ripping to ALAC direct, as it just seems to be what I need to do, (assuming EAC + alac will do pgap). the problem is I also have flacs I downloaded, and so I will lose the gapless info on those unless some utility preserves the info in the conversion.

tell me though, what says to you my flacs have embedded art? I can assure you they don't. in EAC, in prefs > compression options > id3 tab, you can tell it to use the folder for art instead, which I do. this would seemingly apply to flacs and other formats as well, inspite of the tab name, since as I said, my flacs don't have embeds.

so I can't speak to bmps in embeds, but the conversion seems to happen reliably when using folders.

btw, I used Plextor drives, since EAC was built on them and they had a reputation for being the best. I also had luck with HP drives, and the word is that these earlier drives, (pre-dvd mostly) had stronger lasers. I know I did wonders with a stones bootleg disc that was nearly unplayable, just by copying it with an ext 4x HP I had.

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