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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
I don't want to write a long winded reply, but I think you are confusing terms mainly b/c EAC has confused terms.

open the latest EAC. look at the top. it has three boxes stacked vertically:

1. CD title
2. CD artist
3. CD performer

ur posts seem to imply that "CD Artist" and "Album Artist" are one and the same, and that would be intuitive, but to EAC, this is not true.

CD artist actually = track artist in practice


CD Performer actually = album artist, aka %albuminterpret% in practice

that's how EAC is set up, and EAC with freedb never fills in CD Performer values. I have to. otherwise its blank.

you know that "2" aka "CD artist" refers to track artists b/c of the way EAC behaves in practice. put a comp in and then edit the top of the app field to see what I mean, (meaning, don't edit the actual track rows).
I put a compilation in and EAC takes freedb's metadata and sets CD Artist=Various Artists and makes the Track Artist different for each track in the track list. When I change the CD Artist to something else (say Compilation), nothing happens to all the individual Track Artists. This tells me that CD Artist is the same as Album Artist.

Now having said that, yes if CD Artist happens to be the same as the individual Track Artists, editing CD Artist does change the Track Artists as well, but I think this is just something EAC does for convenience. So that if album artist is the same as all the Track Artists, you don't have to change them all individually when editing them. But otherwise, CD Artist and Track Artist are not linked at all.

The fact is that in the EAC Options it shows the mapping

%albumartist% - CD Artist

so whatever is shown in the CD Artist field in EAC is written to the tags using %albumartist%, not %artist%, which means they are two different things. Which is why I have -T "ALBUM ARTIST=%albumartist%" in my command-line options.

I was always under the impression that CD Performer was just an extra tag for things like classical music where the performer of each piece becomes important. I've been ripping CD's for quite a while now using EAC and I've never found it necessary to use CD Performer.

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
it also impacts folder and filename construction. do you have yours set to make them one way for normal CDs, and another for comps?
I have the naming scheme the same for both because I prefer to only have track number and title in the filename. So mine is:

%albumartist%\%year% %albumtitle%\%tracknr2% %title%
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