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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
not if you care about being able to use your files on a broad array of products and software with no effort on your part.
That made me laugh. ALAC is an Apple Lock-in scam. Trying to convert everyone over to the "The Apple Way".

That is not a standard, that is an attempt at dominance of the market. Making it "open source" is not enough. If Apple were really about the "community" and "openness" then they would have moved to FLAC like many others are now doing. (See any modern phone - Androids, Blackberrys, etc.... anything that isn't an Apple)

ANYTHING connected with that mess that is iTunes and Quicktime needs to be shot at birth as a horrendous insult to humanity.

Surely, if you want something that plays on a wider array of devices you should be picking Microsoft's WMA Lossless? WMA is supported way wider than ALAC. And even a basic skim of the Wiki article shows FLAC supported on many more different types of devices than ALAC.

Or are you just counting up how many devices Apple have sold and calling that a "broad array"?
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