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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
The latest beta build 3381 partly fixes the problem.

Before the value going into the ID3v1 genre tab was wrong, now it is just a visual discrepancy.

The Alt+3 ID3v1 tab still shows the last value used on that tab for entering a genre tag value instead of the genre tag value in the file, but unless the genre tag is also changed when 1 or more of the other tags are changed, the genre tag value in the file is no longer changed to the value that is being displayed.

I can live with that, since what is shown for genre on the basic info and the v2 tabs is what is actually in the v1 genre tag.

that seems wrong. the v1 tag, for genre, is ttbomk, a series of predetermined numeric codes. what is in the basic tab and v2 tab can be anything, but what is in v1 is finite, based on that code list.

so either I am mistaken, or I misunderstand you, or you are mistaken?

as to the rest of what you write, its hard for anyone else to verify, without a method.

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