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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
Yes, really. However things are handled technically.

I save both ID3v1 and v2 tags in my mp3s. When using the Alt+3 editor, I use the basic info tab to change tag values for my mp3s, unless I'm changing the genre. If changing genre, I use both the basic tab and the v1 tab to change it to the same displayed value before saving the file.

For example, I select 'blues' for the genre on both the basic info and v1 tabs for a mp3 and save the file, then I look at a mp3 that was previously saved with 'easy listening' on both tabs. The dialog shows 'easy listening' on the basic info and v2 tabs and 'blues' on the v1 tab. Then I change the artist name on the basic info tab and save the file. I look at the file again and the artist name is what I changed it to (on all 3 tabs) and genre still shows 'easy listening' on the basic info and v2 tabs and 'blues' on the v1 tab.

Looking at the file with "MP3 Diags", the genre value displayed is 'easy listening' in both the v1 and v2 tags.

Doing what is described above back in January (with the Winamp version I was using then), the v2 tag would have been 'easy listening' and the v1 tag would have been 'blues'.

So, the problem now is only a visual discrepancy between what is in the v1 genre tag and what is shown (if the last selected and saved v1 genre value is different from what is in the file being looked at). You can use whatever method you want to do this simple kind of test and see for yourself.

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