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Originally Posted by wxrance View Post
Well am not able to play any station in the player for some reason. Any idea's on this please?
Originally Posted by DrO View Post
........though there's nothing stopping you manually adding the 'SHOUTcast Radio' service (if it wasn't automatically added on install for you) by right-clicking on 'Online Services' and going to 'Service Management' -> 'New' and entering as the service url (along with how you want to name it, etc) and saving and that gets the search mode working...
That page is broken for me.
That URL does go to the original Shoutcast "play in Winamp" site.
In the past, I could go there to play radio, without problems, in my Winamp.

But now, clicking on any station gives a split second view of a screen "loading" before returning to the listings, but nothing plays.
Also, various other buttoms do not work, including Configuration, View, Search and Next Page.

My work-around is to use
That site seems to work correctly.
As long as .pls files are associated with Winamp, clicking on a station plays it in Winamp as expected.

Maybe there is something missing in my Winamp installation?
Is there any Internet Explorer setting or configuration that must be used?
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