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You're not using the latest version of the Info Tool. I guess Koopa hasn't updated all the links. Use the one in his signature.

You don't have the recommended versions of in_mp3.dll and gen_jumpex.dll. But you did imply that you tried them before. Still, you should use version 4.103 of in_mp3.dll.

I don't install the Sonic burning engine, but I don't think that is the problem. You're also not using the default metadata reading option. But if it is set the same way on the other system, then it should not be the cause of the problem. Is shuffle mode enabled on both systems? (grasping at straws with that last question )

Try switching the output plug-in to Nullsoft DirectSound (out_ds.dll). Are you sure the other system is using WaveOut?

Off Topic:
I assume you want your speaker balance to be offset to the right.

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