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Maybe I should add another very important question.

Which image file format and which pixel size as maximum is allowed (recommended) for the textures?

I myself prefer the image file format .jpg, and I began with the 256x256 pixel versions of my Album Cover Experiments. Now I have added some images from my old YouTube Project Folder, for example in 800x600 pixel. I wanted to have some good random textures in my Winamp's on my PC & notebook, which are used by some presets, especially since I had to copy & paste also less beautiful textures, which are required by some presets.

Recently I have checked again the codes with Notepad++ from some presets, which stayed black. I have found the neccessary textures, but 2 of them have 2500x1250 pixel.

@ Jarikus: Editing the presets is a very good suggestion. If You save the new preset versions, You can add "(Jarikus Remix)" in the preset names, and You will always know, You have made these presets...

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